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Office Lighting

Office Lighting

Light and well-being

Today, working conditions and staf well-being and motivation are becoming more and more important. Longer working hours and the increasing pace and variety of work require lexibility in the workplace.

The value of light

Flexible and dynamic, lighting can play a key role in the oice environment, helping people to function to the best of their ability – regardless of whether they are working on a computer, reading, meeting or brainstorming.

Improving working life

Our portfolio of energy-eicient oice lighting solutions is continually evolving through innovation. In this way we continue to make people’s working lives more enjoyable and productive.

Indoor Luminaires
When it comes to office lighting, new opportunities are presented to invest in the latesttechnology,...
Model No : PowerBalance 2.
Indoor Luminaires
Philips SmartPanel is an affordable LED lighting solution for general office areas, providing energy...
Model No : SmartPanel LED
Indoor Luminaires
CoreLine LED is a stylish range of high output LED luminaires suitable for general office and retail...
Model No : Coreline LED
Indoor Luminaires
Designed to fit in a wide range of ceiling types, this family of highly versatile modular and semi-m...
Model No : Smartform LED
Indoor Luminaires
SmartBalance is clearly the next step in surface-mounted and suspended luminaires for the specificat...
Model No : SmartBalanced L
Indoor Luminaires
Celino LED is a complete luminaire range that reflects the market trend towards miniaturisation and ...
Model No : Celino LED
Indoor Luminaires
LumiStone is a LED luminaire consisting of two smaller ellipses rather than the traditional single v...
Model No : LumiStone LED
Indoor Luminaires
The TBS299 is a superior energy efficient solution that delivers excellent lighting performance and ...
Model No : Sereno TBS 299
Indoor Luminaires
The Philips TBS 528 and 869 are a range of recessed TL5 luminaires that feature superior optics with...
Model No : Sereno TBS 528/
Indoor Luminaires
Modella TCS125 is a luminaire for TL-D and TL5 linear fluorescent lamps with an attractive design to...
Model No : Modella TCS 125

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