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High Intensity Discharge Lamps

A new age in outdoor lighting Lighting plays an important role in transforming the look of an outdoor space. Whether you are looking to create a unique identity for your city, add a sense of safety and security to an outdoor space, or light a local sports stadium, Philips has a solution for you. Philips MasterColor CDM Elite MW Lamps combine high efficacy with excellent quality white light and long, stable lifetime performance. This lamp is designed with a new socket allowing for more flexible use and enhanced optical efficiency. Philips Energy Advantage CDM with AllStart Technology i

  • Range of single-ended, co...
Model No : Ceramic Metal H
  • MasterColour CDM-T/TC Lig...
Model No : Master CDM-T El
  • CDM-TD range of double-en...
Model No : Master CDM-TD
  • Protected, high efficienc...
Model No : CDM-/TP Medium
  • Provides users with a com...
Model No : CDM-R Mini
  • The easy way to reflect m...
Model No : CDM-R Mini Elit
  • Provides users with a com...
Model No : CDM-R PAR 20
  • Offering the benefits of ...
Model No : CDM-R 111
  • New-generation ceramic me...
Model No : CosmoPolis Outd
  • The Mastercolour City ran...
Model No : CDO-TT & CDO-ET
  • Quartz metal halide lamps...
Model No : HPI-T Quartz Me
  • Energy saving compact flu...
Model No : HPI PLUS Quartz
  • Metal halide gas discharg...
Model No : Metal Halide -

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