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Closed Loop Thermosiphon System

Closed Loop Thermosiphon System

The principle of the thermosiphon system is that cold water has a higher specific density than warm water, and so being heavier will sink down. Therefore, the collector is always mounted below the water storage tank, so that cold water from the tank reaches the collector via a descending water pipe. If the collector heats up the water, the water rises again and reaches the tank through an ascending water pipe at the upper end of the collector. The cycle of tank–water pipe–collector ensures the water is heated up until it achieves an equilibrium temperature. The consumer can then make use of the hot water from the top of the tank, with any water used being replaced by cold water at the bottom. The collector then heats up the cold water again. Due to higher temperature differences at higher solar irradiances, warm water rises faster than it does at lower irradiances. Therefore, the circulation of water adapts itself almost perfectly to the level of solar irradiance.

Capacity ranges from 150L to upto 5000L

HMS Series
    Collectors' Surface 2 m2 ...
Model No : HMS 150
HMS Series
    Collectors' Surface 2,4 m² ...
Model No : HMS 200
HMS Series
    Collectors' Surface 4 m² ...
Model No : HMS 300


  • Philips
  • Whirlpool
  • KitchenAid
  • PhonoSolar
  • Helional
  • AOC
  • Voltas
  • Photo Light
  • Cata
  • Sach
  • Cedamatic