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  • Introducing the new range of Philips Air Cleaners
    Introducing the new range of Philips Air Cleaners

    Al Ghandi Electronics has introduced a range of high performance Philips Air Cleaners. Incorporating numerous smart technologies, these Air Cleaners can variously be effective in eliminating allergens, bacteria, viruses, harmful gases and other general pollutants, and deliver healthier air. The Vitashield IPS technology boosts the rate of clean air delivery while also reducing certain harmful gases. The smart AeraSense technology senses even the slightest change in indoor air conditions and automatically adjust its settings. Indicators provide real time feedback on air quality, as well as on filter life time. All Philips Air Cleaners are with low noise levels with further reduction in sleep mode. These and a host of other features ensure that in your home you have healthier air, always.


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