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Static and Hydraulic Control Bollards

Static and Hydraulic Control Bollards

CEDAMATIC provide a high level of security against unauthorised vehicle access without the need for an outwardly aggressive appearance.

Cedamatic Static and Hydraulic bollards have been designed and physically impact tested to the BSI PAS 68 standard.

The CEDAMATIC bollard range provides protection from a range of determined threats from vandalism to the extreme of a Vehicle Borne Improvised Explosive Device (VBIED), Cedamatic bollards are ideal to discreetly protect sites where aesthetics and public perception are a consideration.

Impact testing has been undertaken at a variety of speeds and foundation depths providing clients with a range of bollards with varying levels of protection.

CEDAMATIC  bollards can be utilised for on-street or perimeter stand-off protection, an unobtrusive hostile vehicle mitigation product that can be finished to complement surrounding architecture as well as interfacing with a wider range of high security vehicle control equipment.


Hydraulic Bollards
Fully retractable oil-hydraulic traffic control posts available painted and stainless steel for vehi...
Model No : CEDA 700/L
Static Bollards
Features : Physically impact tested to PAS 68 criteria Unobtrusive appearance Manufactured ...
Model No : PAS 68

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