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Consumer Luminaires

At Philips Consumer Lighting, we're leading the way with innovative lighting solutions that inspire people to create the perfect atmosphere around the home.

Our investment in research and design places us at the heart of the LED revolution. We're powering the transition from traditional bulbs to luminaires, new solutions and applications - and showing people ways to enjoy light in a whole new way.

We use light to help families make every area of their living space do more - in ways that save energy and safeguard the environment. Our lighting choices give people countless ways to express their own style, and to create their own solutions with different ways to control light and to use contemporary effects, colours, and shades. We also want every one of our customers to have the information and confidence they need to find the right product every time.

Because, for us, the perfect light and atmosphere is what turns a good home into a beautiful one.


  • Philips
  • Whirlpool
  • KitchenAid
  • PhonoSolar
  • Helional
  • AOC
  • Voltas
  • Photo Light
  • Cata
  • Sach
  • Cedamatic