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Integrated Solar Outdoor Lights

Photolight is the manufacturer of Outdoor Solar Lights based in Grenoble, France where its research, development and design is centralized. Photolight is part of the KIS Photo-ME Group.

Although renowned for its photo booths, Photo-Me operates, sells and services a wide range of instant service equipment. With 43,160 vending locations in 17 countries (primarily the UK, France and Japan), Photo-Me is the world's leading operator of photo booths, with 24,900 sited. The Group operates a diverse range of vending equipment, including digital printing kiosks, children's rides and amusement machines, in the most sought-after locations around the world.

Aware of the importance of environmental issues in the years to come, the Photo-ME Group has made solar energy a major diversification axis, dedicating a large part of its research and development investments in the solar energy project. Photolight street lights are the answer to both environmental and financial concerns.


  • Philips
  • Whirlpool
  • KitchenAid
  • AOC
  • Voltas
  • PhonoSolar
  • Cedamatic
  • Sach
  • Helional
  • Photo Light